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About Us


STŌ was created in 2018, by the hands of the couple Jorge Abreu and Claudia Almeida who, at first glance, thought of setting up a small alheira croquette business. As it grew, the project evolved and, with a lot of love and persistence, Jorge and Claudia turned their dream into a reality. The idea for the space was inspired by the couple's own home and lifestyle, with a focus on cultivating good relationships in a welcoming atmosphere. A grocery store that told "the story of Portugal through food". They looked for a name that would encapsulate these ideas.

STŌ is an abreviation for story. An experience that goes beyond a gastronomic space. It is a patriotic approach. A dip into the origins and culture of Portugal. A tribute to the Portugality of this country that reveals so many charms.

From sourdough bread to the various cheeses, preserves, oils and sausages, there is a bit of everything to buy from the grocery store or enjoy at the table. The alheiras croquettes from Mirandela, the award-winning cheeses from Alentejo or the gin produced in the Azores are all examples of this. Everything there is 100% national. Before entering the store, Jorge and Claudia understand the origin of the product and prioritize small businesses and producers who work with local raw materials and artisanal processes.


And it is in this environment, where the flavors of tradition and a modern space merge, that the couple demonstrate sympathy and attention to detail. To each customer that enters STŌ, Jorge tells the story behind the dish, as a kind of gastronomic trip, a guided tour through the regions of the country. In the details, in the choice of each decoration item, in the selection of products, in the dishes cooked and presented with all care and affection, the couple's love for Portugal is visible.

This is Jorge and Claudia's purpose with STŌ; to share their passion for Portugal with those who pass by. This Portugality that represents the best of Portugal and the Portuguese; an openness to the world, a universality of welcoming everyone, regardless of nationality. Not only for the gastronomy, but for the historical and cultural narrative and as much as this story represent for them.

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