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There are many reasons to come to STŌ. Choose one for you:


The best alheira croquettes in Lisbon:

The alheira croquette with an exclusive STŌ recipe is, according to our customers, the best in Lisbon. A house specialty, it is so successful that customers return, just because of it. Unmissable.

Local products and small producers:

STŌ's selection of grocery products and ingredients served at the table favors small producers, with preference for local, conscious and socially responsible production.

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The first authentic Portuguese brunch in town:

STŌ created the first typical Portuguese brunch in Lisbon. Whether it's scrambled eggs with alheira from Mirandela, yogurt from Alentejo, or bolo yeast with cheese from the island of the Azores, each product refers to a region of Portugal.

An experience that provides a true journey through Portuguese flavors.

Portuguese souvenirs at STŌ:

In addition to a unique gastronomic experience, customers can take a souvenir of Portugal from Mercearia STŌ.

From jams, liqueurs, cheeses, and even home items from the STŌ Home line, such as the beautiful glass jars by Hello Pearl, the tea cans that carry the blends of the Portuguese Tea Company, among other cool things.

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Tasting of special olive oils and 100% Portuguese drinks:

Olive trees tend to protect the vineyards and, perhaps because of this, more and more winemakers are venturing into the production of high quality olive oils, produced using techniques as sophisticated as those used to guarantee the best wines.

To be sure of your choice at the time of purchase, STŌ provides the tasting of the best olive oils, wines, liqueurs, and gins from the grocery store. In this experience, you have the opportunity to learn more about the history, the manufacturing process, and taste the exquisite products of the STŌ selection.

100 years tasting – Port wine

Quinta do Vallado, built in 1716, is one of the oldest and most famous farms in the Douro Valley. One of the main assets that this farm has inherited from past generations is the old vines that have enormous potential to produce outstanding wines.


Visit STŌ and enjoy the experience of tasting the intensity and complexity of the aromas and flavors of the delicacies in these bottles that, together, add up to 100 years.


Typical Portuguese dishes and late lunch:

The dishes on the menu may vary from month to month, but they have one thing in common: they are all typically Portuguese. And if you feel like eating later, no problem. While most restaurants close at 3:00 pm, at STŌ lunch is served from 12:30pm until 4:30pm

Take what to eat. Eat what to bring:

At STŌ, many ingredients used in the dishes come from the grocery store selection. Did you like that olive oil you used to season the dish or the jelly you ate with the toast? Enjoy and take it.

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Happy Hour with the coldest imperial in Lisbon:

The best meeting place for a snack or meeting up with friends after work is at STŌ. Do you know why? STŌ has the coldest imperial in Lisbon!

The challenge is done. Come and try.

STŌ team:

STŌ's biggest differential is in the joy and care of the employees with which each customer is received in the space. STŌ believes that people and human values ​​are essential for the success of a business.

The STŌ team works happily.


TripAdvisor Recognition:

TripAdvisor is the most consulted tool in the world for planning trips.
In June 2022, STŌ won first place in the platform ranking among more than 4,500 restaurants in Lisbon.

A recognition that represents the best fuel to do even better.

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